Partitions, Pads, & Sheets

Partitions - Fiber or Corrugated

We identify which application is the best fit for your product. Fiber partitions are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. They are ideally suited for automated production lines and provide a more compact alternative to corrugated partitions, minimizing warehousing and shipping costs. Fiber is a "cleaner" option and produces less dust/particulates during the insertion process.

Partitions can be designed by incorporating a variety of features such as die cutting, locking and notching to ensure a smooth insertion on the production line. They are offered in a wide range of calipers to provide the appropriate protection needed.

Manufacturing Grades

Recycled Fiberboard ~ Caliper Range: .018- .050
Poly Chip
SBS - Solid Bleached Sulfate
MCS - Milk Carton Stock

Corrugated partitions offer optimal protection by providing superior top-to-bottom compression strength. Stacking strength is a critical component of packaging design. Corrugated partitions provide excellent side-to-side cushioning and protect against potential abrasion. In many applications, they are the preferred choice for tall height partitions. Non die-cut corrugated partitions can be manufactured from a minimum of 2" tall by 5" wide to a maximum of 23" tall x 66" wide.

Manufacturing Grades

Corrugated ~ 125#/26 ECT Single Wall to 275#/48 ECT Doublewall
Plastic Corrugated

Pads & Sheets

We supply a wide variety of fiber pads, slip sheets and scored pads produced in single ply to multi-ply densities. Recycled fiber typically offers a lower cost advantage with the added benefit of reduced warehouse space for storage.

Corrugated pads provide additional strength and cushioning using single, double and triple wall densities. They can be used for interior packaging protection as well as exterior pallet protection; customized as needed.